Home FINANCING Process

We guide you through the loan and home financing process from start to finish

Let us help you achieve mortgage success through your home financing process in a few easy steps!

A 10-minute phone call starts the process, whether you are purchasing your first home or refinancing your third home.

  • The 15 minute phone call: Let’s schedule a time to talk so I can learn your basic financial information: what you do for a living, your salary, down payment funds and monthly debts.
  • A quick and dirty analysis: Based on the information you provide, I am usually able to give you a basic price range. I won’t even need to pull a credit report at this stage.
  • You decide: If the price range I give you is realistic for your timeframe and the type of property and neighborhood you’re interested in, you’ll want to move forward with the full pre-approval. If you need to save more money or work on your credit scores in order to qualify, we will work on those items instead.

I will learn the details of your finances and long-term goals, then link up with a lender that will give you a loan approval.

  • The application: Fill out our simple on-line application, upload your paperwork (pay stubs, W-2’s, bank statements, etc.) and I run your credit.
  • Choose a program: You choose a loan program and target price range. Then your loan is approved within 24 hours and you are ready to shop for a home!
  • Pre-approval Letter: We will issue a custom pre-approval letter to your real estate agent each time you write an offer.

You have a contract to purchase your new place and we take care of all the details with the realtors, title company, appraiser, insurance and HOA.

  • Go-time: This is where we roll up our sleeves and get to work for you, and things move fast!
  • The Escrow Account: Your real estate agent will open an escrow account and you will wire in your earnest money deposit.
  • Finalizing: We will update your file and ask you to sign the loan application and disclosure forms.
  • Lock: Your interest rate will be locked in and we will order your appraisal.
  • Submission & Approval: Your loan will be submitted and approved in 4 to 5 days.

We help you line up your closing funds and coordinate with the escrow company so that your home closes without a hitch.

We manage the final steps: We’ll be sure you have provided the correct lender-requested items, a great paper trail for your down payment, and the correct amount of funds to the title company. We will review your final loan paperwork and the closing statement to make sure everything is perfect.

  • Signing: I will be there for you!  We go to 99% of our signings. It’s the most important time, the final documents and I am there to answer any last minute questions or handle any problems.   We coordinate your signing appointment with the escrow company and your realtor.
  • It’s yours: We’ll let you know when your loan has funded and the house is yours!
  • We want you to be happy: We’ll let you know if a better rate comes along, so we can make sure you continue to have the best loan. We also want to hear about the big changes in your life: college, marriages, babies, jobs, whatever!
  • Always available:  We’re available for questions as they arise,  unsolicited offers,  payment questions, or dealing with the loan servicer.
  • Keep us in mind: when you need to buy your next house, invest, or refinance, call us first! We also won’t mind if you rave about us to friends, neighbors and colleagues.